Traditional Laptops are on the Rise

There was a time when all people in industry expected that time of the laptops is coming to the end and new era is evolving - era of touch screen devices: 2-in-1' s, Ipads  and Tablets w/o keyboard.

These predictions and expectations just did not work. People realized that you just cant do any serious work on a Tablet device w/o real keyboard no matter how big and gorgeous it's screen is. Second, people also found that having touchscreen on a regular laptop is almost useless and makes laptop more expensive, makes it's battery live shorter, makes it's screen dimmer

And on top of this, as Cindy Burt, an ergonomics expert at UCLA, told  "You are going to have to be doing a lot more reaching and a lot more movements of your wrist and your hand if you're going to be typing and then doing the touch screen," She said that retail workers who have to extend their arms and poke at touch-screen point-of-sale systems all day — a gesture similar to touching a laptop screen — have developed shoulder problems.

So traditional laptop sales are on the rise and laptops will be with us for many years to come. And as it was for decades, since the invention of first laptops in the late 80s of last century, we need to find out which one is good for us??

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