Many Chromebooks can be Easily Converted to Run Full Linux or even Windows OS

You probably did not know , but many Chromebooks can be easily converted to run full Linux or even Windows OS.

Especially those where  hard drive can be upgraded. Chrome OS does not occupy much space and most of the Chromebooks come with 32/16 GB SSD hard drive storage. 32 GB is enough for modern Linux desktop distribution, though you will need some external storage solution like  SD card for your files.

A couple of years ago i was choosing Chromebook for myself and i specifically chose Acer Chromebook C910. This Chromebook was kind of unique in 2015 when it debuted. High end model of this laptop was equipped with gorgeous 15.6" IPS screen with 178º view, 4GB of RAM  and 32GB SSD hard drive which you could easily upgrade.

I upgraded it to 256GB SSD and Installed full Debian Linux distro on it using this brilliant and very detailed tutorial. This tutorial was written specifically for Chromebook Acer C910 model. This method is safe in terms that you can always go back to Chrome OS. Not only I installed and was using  full Linux on my Acer C910. Later I found that Windows also can be installed on a Chromebook and I did install Windows!

Installing Windows required flashing custom BIOS , which is possible on most Chromebooks.  offer full custom BIOS for many Chromebooks - yes it is possible and works, not for all Chromebooks , but list of supported Chromebook models is present and updated regularly.

If you want more automated and guided approach which uses same custom BIOS but simplify a bit the task , then you can visit website

MrChromebox's BIOS was developed for converting Chromebooks to Windows machines (mainly Windows 10) but works for Linux as well. This list is updated with new models only after BIOS code updates are done for new models  and testing made, so do not expect recent (this year) models to be in this list.

As always back up all your data and old BIOS as recommended and instructed to prevent data loss and to prevent bricking your device. Do not do this conversion if you are not sure that you can follow all procedures. So read thoroughly all instructions first. And good luck


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