Thoughts On Blogging Fresh Original and Regular Content

If you want to increase your blog’s audience, whether you are making money online or just want more readers, you might already know from numerous blogger tips spread over the net that there are some golden rules. You also might know already that there are two different visitor flows. One is formed by visitors coming from search engines and another one is formed by those who follow external links to your site. Sure there is third one, loyal readers – those who return, and mainly dependant on first two flows, so I will not discuss it here. Both, search engine and external links visitors flows highly depend on three holly cows of web publishing (or blogging) – Freshness of content, Original content, and Regular posting.

Lazyest Gallery Plugin Site is Up, Hopefully

Lazyest Gallery home page ( suddenly went up, though only allowing to download gallery packages. Good news are that the new Lazyest Gallery v 0.9.6-beta is available for download (together with previous stable 0.9.5 release). Quick look at read-me file revealed added support for widgets in new release and minor bug fixes. Also, author removed Lazyest Gallery version from footer and Lazyest Gallery version from HTML code (for security reasons)

Hotlinking Prevention Through htaccess

Inline linking, also known as hotlinking or leeching, is something all webmasters don’t like. Usually it happens with images. For those who don’t know what is hotlinking: If your image is referred, usually inside IMG tags, on someone else’s website then each time the visitor comes to this site, this image is downloaded from your site, thus stealing your bandwidth (traffic). The fact of using your images without your permission you will not like as well.

You can fix this through .htaccess by disallowing images to load if referrer is not your host and display a “humiliating” image of your choice on the leecher’s site. This technique is well explained here.

But there are more tricky approaches to this problem.

The Internet added 4.4 million new hostnames during July

TG Daily:

The Internet added 4.4 million new hostnames during July – the single largest gain of new sites in a single month, according to Internet services firm Netcraft. The growth surpassed the previous records set in June of this year, which saw a 3.96 million site gain.

The main reason for the quick growth, Netcraft said, is the battle between Microsoft and Google to attract users to their blog services. Both firms contributed significantly to drive the Internet to a new record number of websites, which now stands at 92,615,362 websites. According to the firm, Microsoft added about 858,000 new sites, while Google gained about 568,000 during the month.

Small Initiatives jokes, “And I’ll bet 80 percent of them contain one ‘Hello, World!’ post apiece.”

Attention All Wordspew Users

Shoutbox Wordspew (and Wordspew Extended) is absolutely open for spam bots. Last three days they attacked me every 2-3 minutes. I was deleting spam and minutes later I got next 6 spam comments in shoutbox. This scenario went on for hours, eventually forcing me to remove Wordspew from my site completely. Spammers submit messages directly through Wordspew routines which add submitted data to database, bypassing submission form. Even if you completely remove submission form you will still get spam in your shoutbox. Switching Wordspew to “registered only user ” does nothing – you still get spam. Even deactivating plugin doesn’t stop them. In other words they have you all possible ways submitting “Keep up working!” with a bunch of links. All they need is Wordspew.php file in plugins folder.

Tips On Error Free Blogging

One of the Biggest advantages of a free blogging platform is its huge community and army of third party code delelopers. Writing plugin is extremely easy in WordPress and I think that causes (together with extreme popularity) the tendency of growing number of problems when using plugins. Bad coding habits of inexperienced coders multiply the mess.

These problems include cases when two plugins just wont work together, or bad coding causes php engine errors/warnings which may not be noticed until you check your error logs through cpanel. In latter case if errors/warnings generated become a substantial flaw, your hosting provider may even suspend your acc. Also, keep in mind that if php generated warnings are rare in your case, they may dramatically increase in number with grow in traffic flow. So my first tip and recommendation:


YShout is a lightweight package that allows you to add a shout box to your website. This is standalone AJAX and PHP script and can be installed on any site with PHP support. It uses flat files to store messages. Very easy to make it multi room.

Real Time Users Online Counter Plugin

One of the things I wanted from visitor counters was ability to do this in real time (without page reload). Some time ago I found Rtoc (real time online counter) using Ajax technology. Developer writes – ” RTOC is a free statistics script that uses flatfiles to store data. It includes an online users counter as well as a unique hits counter that stores unique hits for that day as well as a total. It uses JavaScript to update itself dynamically, so that all stats are in real-time! It has been tested and working on both Firefox 1.5 and Internet Explorer 6 web browsers.”

Are you offering your customers TOO MANY choices?

Are you offering your customers TOO MANY choices? – Niche Blogging approach is not something invented by SEOs or bloggers. Some more arguments on focusing your site.

Very good example of highly targeted

Very good example of highly targeted, keyword rich and relevant article. Masterpiece of Niche Blogging and in-depth scientific research – Dog Shit