I Personally Miss 4:3 Square Screen Laptops

Thinkpad T42, 15"
4:3 square screen laptops gone long ago. Industry moved first to 16:10 screens - this screen standard lived very shortly - 1-2 years and was finally replaced by 16:9 aspect ratio screens.

I personally missed them. My first work horse to use for coding and building my first website was Thinkpad R50 with 15" 4:3 screen. It was extremely comfortable to use - text was comfortable to read, web pages easy to work with.

One can still get one of those "square" screen Thinkpads. Some of them are pretty good. Professional and business line of IBM Thinkpads - T-series had models in T41/41/43 line equipped with gorgeous IPS screens with resolutions of 1400:1050 (SXGA) and even 1600:1200 (UXGA).

My passion for old IBM Thinkpads just did not want to fade completely and i bought on Ebay one Thinkpad then another one. Many of them are offered for parts or  not working, but usually they just needed backup CMOS battery to be changed or they where missing power adapter, or hard drive, or OS.

This one on Ebay have decent configuration and gorgeous screen  - IBM Thinkpad T42 15" 1400x1050 IPS, ATI Mobility Radeon 9600-64MB, 2GB 40GB Win7.

They are still usable for curtain tasks - working on word documents, spreadsheets and watching old DVD movies with 4:3 aspect ratio. Extremely comfortable and productive IBM keyboard, comfortable viewing angles screens.


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