Installing Canon PIXMA IP1600 printer in Windows 7,8,10

Canon Pixma IP1600If you have problem installing Canon Inkjet PIXMA IP1600 printer in Windows, then you are not alone. The problem is that if your Windows  (I had this problem with Windows 7) for some reason is not installing drivers automatically and installation disk for that printer is lost then your only choice is to go to Canon support page. But there you will find that Canon offer only Windows XP driver for that printer for download.  Continue reading “Installing Canon PIXMA IP1600 printer in Windows 7,8,10”

Web Publishing – Tips on Creating Content

content is kingContent rules in publishing. Hard working content creators will get their audience. And if you are going to create content -publish for making some money on ads then do not start with choosing your niche on how much money particular adsense word would generate. This is a mistake. Continue reading “Web Publishing – Tips on Creating Content”

Tip for Searching Howtos and Instructions

0-88tZsNu0V0MoSkOjBy default Google puts  on top of search results pages which are mature. Mature in terms that older posts having content on search topic have more weight. There are other factors Google uses for determining what will be served to the user, but this “time maturity ” factor is annoyingly strong. Continue reading “Tip for Searching Howtos and Instructions”

Website Page Size Still Matters. At least for Pros

CHUN9PAUYAA3I9uPreviously I noted that these days size of the web page doesn’t matter any more in terms of paying attention to users with low speed or limited internet access. Yes , it’s true, accessing your monster website page is not a problem for most users but speed will be noticeable. Not only speed of average connection to Internet went up. Went up the speed with which   you check your favorites for news. Increase in delay for one  or even a half of a  second will be enough to skip your site next time. This is from user side but there is also additional costs for website owner – websites these days contain tens of thousands of pictures and other media, and though data storage prices drop, traffic still matters. Continue reading “Website Page Size Still Matters. At least for Pros”

USB Flash Drive – Floppy Disk’s Reincarnation of 21s Centuary

1200x1200USB flash drives in the form of small sticks back in late 90s where cool refreshing from very slow and not very reliable magnetic Floppy disks.

The main problem of floppy magnetic disks was their very slow operation and flash memory drives solved this problem.

Another characteristic of removable media – reliability  was not very bright with Floppy Disks , but we can’t say that this problem was completely eliminated with introduction of Flash memory. The problem is still there. The truth is  – no matter how big the name of your Flash drive’s brand is, you still will loose your data if you use your drive in a very intensive manner. Continue reading “USB Flash Drive – Floppy Disk’s Reincarnation of 21s Centuary”