Thoughts On Blogging Fresh Original and Regular Content

If you want to increase your blog’s audience, whether you are making money online or just want more readers, you might already know from numerous blogger tips spread over the net that there are some golden rules. You also might know already that there are two different visitor flows. One is formed by visitors coming from search engines and another one is formed by those who follow external links to your site. Sure there is third one, loyal readers – those who return, and mainly dependant on first two flows, so I will not discuss it here. Both, search engine and external links visitors flows highly depend on three holly cows of web publishing (or blogging) – Freshness of content, Original content, and Regular posting. Continue reading “Thoughts On Blogging Fresh Original and Regular Content”

Lazyest Gallery Plugin Site is Up, Hopefully

Lazyest Gallery home page ( suddenly went up, though only allowing to download gallery packages. Good news are that the new Lazyest Gallery v 0.9.6-beta is available for download (together with previous stable 0.9.5 release). Quick look at read-me file revealed added support for widgets in new release and minor bug fixes. Also, author removed Lazyest Gallery version from footer and Lazyest Gallery version from HTML code (for security reasons)