Hotlinking Prevention Through htaccess

Inline linking, also known as hotlinking or leeching, is something all webmasters don’t like. Usually it happens with images. For those who don’t know what is hotlinking: If your image is referred, usually inside IMG tags, on someone else’s website then each time the visitor comes to this site, this image is downloaded from your site, thus stealing your bandwidth (traffic). The fact of using your images without your permission you will not like as well.

You can fix this through .htaccess by disallowing images to load if referrer is not your host and display a “humiliating” image of your choice on the leecher’s site. This technique is well explained here.

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The Internet added 4.4 million new hostnames during July

TG Daily:

The Internet added 4.4 million new hostnames during July – the single largest gain of new sites in a single month, according to Internet services firm Netcraft. The growth surpassed the previous records set in June of this year, which saw a 3.96 million site gain.

The main reason for the quick growth, Netcraft said, is the battle between Microsoft and Google to attract users to their blog services. Both firms contributed significantly to drive the Internet to a new record number of websites, which now stands at 92,615,362 websites. According to the firm, Microsoft added about 858,000 new sites, while Google gained about 568,000 during the month.

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