Attention All Wordspew Users

Shoutbox Wordspew (and Wordspew Extended) is absolutely open for spam bots. Last three days they attacked me every 2-3 minutes. I was deleting spam and minutes later I got next 6 spam comments in shoutbox. This scenario went on for hours, eventually forcing me to remove Wordspew from my site completely. Spammers submit messages directly through Wordspew routines which add submitted data to database, bypassing submission form. Even if you completely remove submission form you will still get spam in your shoutbox. Switching Wordspew to “registered only user ” does nothing – you still get spam. Even deactivating plugin doesn’t stop them. In other words they have you all possible ways submitting “Keep up working!” with a bunch of links. All they need is Wordspew.php file in plugins folder. Continue reading “Attention All Wordspew Users”

Tips On Error Free Blogging

One of the Biggest advantages of a free blogging platform is its huge community and army of third party code delelopers. Writing plugin is extremely easy in WordPress and I think that causes (together with extreme popularity) the tendency of growing number of problems when using plugins. Bad coding habits of inexperienced coders multiply the mess.

These problems include cases when two plugins just wont work together, or bad coding causes php engine errors/warnings which may not be noticed until you check your error logs through cpanel. In latter case if errors/warnings generated become a substantial flaw, your hosting provider may even suspend your acc. Also, keep in mind that if php generated warnings are rare in your case, they may dramatically increase in number with grow in traffic flow. So my first tip and recommendation: Continue reading “Tips On Error Free Blogging”