Lazyest Gallery Thumbs SlideShow PlugIn

Lazyest SlideShow Function is now available as a WordPress PlugIn. Presenting this function as a plugin has many advantages. The most obvious one is that more people may use it – no need for copy/paste and no accidental mess up with Lazyest Gallery core file. And it is easier to maintain the code, as well.

Lazyest Thumbs SLideshow plugin rotates random image thumbs from Lazyest Gallery with fading effect. Driven by JavaScript engine. Fully customizable through admin panel: number of random images, ability to choose Portrait, Landscape or both image types to show, loops to run, fading delay, CSS styles and other settings are specified through admin page. Continue reading “Lazyest Gallery Thumbs SlideShow PlugIn”

Validating Page with Javascript Code Inside

For those who insert javascript code in pages and want to validate as XHTML: With HTML pages on the web you can just include the required Javascript between and tags. When you validate the HTML on your web page the Javascript content is considered to be CDATA (character data) that is therefore ignored by the validator. The same is not true if you follow the more recent XHTML standards in setting up your web page. With XHTML the code between the script tags is considered to be PCDATA (parsed character data) which is therefore processed by the validator. Continue reading “Validating Page with Javascript Code Inside”

SlideShow Module for Zoom Gallery Download

I had rewrited Slideshow module for Zoom Gallery (popular gallery component for Joomla/Mambo). This release’s coding is based on official module (version:2b234) For Zoom Gallery V2.5rc1 by Per Lasse Baasch. This is beta release. Slideshow engine is more robust and cross-browser compatible than in previous releases of Slideshow module. The cool fading effect works in IE, NS6+/ Firefox, and Safari 2, while all other browsers such as Opera 8 will simply skip the effect but continue to display the images.

Slideshow pauses OnMouseOver event. Images are linkable with ability to choose between PopUp Zoom Slideshow in bigger window or Zoom category view mode. Actually, this module has all major features of official module by Per Lasse Baasch, but dynamically rotates images with fading effect! Continue reading “SlideShow Module for Zoom Gallery Download”

Background of My Blogging

I already posted my thoughts about Mambo/Joomla CMS compared to WordPress. I think the picture will not be full if I’ll not tell a story of how I came to blogging. So, let me share the background of my blogging.

One friend of mine two years ago offered me to join his business and work on a project of web presence for his company. We both graduated elite physics institute in Moscow. He thinks that if you graduated this institute then you should be able to do anything in just one click. All his “assumptions” always luck one thing – time required for such “clicks”. I explained him that never set up a single web site or a page. He insisted: “Common, you can do this, I’ve heard about one software application – DreamWeaver, – you do not have to know web or php – it’s like using word processing software – type and click and all content automatically goes to the web server.” Continue reading “Background of My Blogging”

Original Content and Blogging

There is a discussion on the web of importance of original content on your blog pages vs. syndication (small excerpts from other site posts with link, there is also problem of reprinting material.) I think to understand what is what here first we should divide niche blogging into two categories based on what particular blog offer to visitors: 1.Opinions and thoughts on some Subject(s). 2. focusing on Products like cameras, cars, software etc. Here I assume that either subjects not invented or products not produced by blogger. (It is evident that problem of original content doesn’t arise if blogger is himself producing products he talking about) Main assumption I make here is that you want to attract audience. Continue reading “Original Content and Blogging”