Lazyest Gallery slideshow

Slideshow on the sidebar of my site is my hack of Lazyest Gallery plugin for WordPress. When I moved to WordPress my old habits and preferences moved with me, I think. I liked ZoomGallery component for Joomla/Mambo and at some point I made module for showing random pictures from the Zoom gallery on a sidebar. Core of the module was JavaScript Slideshow module which I found on the net.

Lazyest Gallery for WordPress looks and feels much like the ZoomGallery for Joomla and I decided to repeat the same trick. Basically what I did in this case is just made a new function inside the lazyest-gallery.php core functions file. Again, core of this function is JavaScript slideshow engine. Continue reading “Lazyest Gallery slideshow”

Joomla Note

Welcome to I moved the site from mambo/Joomla CMS to WordPress . Mostly because i noticed recently (during my fight with Joomla ) that there are issues , mainly ITEMID issue, which will not be fixed until version 2.0 , which means years to come. I also found that admin side of Joomla is very complicated. It is flexible and one can choose and change many small things but… i found that most presentation changes which i did, i did from opposite side – template. And if you decide to delete all “example” content which comes with the installation it becomes real puzzle to make a new content structure. At the same time i noticed that WordPress is becoming very attractive and, actually , one can use it as a starting level CMS. Installation is simple. Admin side is fast and clear. No tables. Very clean and simple code.

I also canceled my work on ZoomGallery SlideShow module for mambo/Joomla. Although at some point i even upgraded it to be compatible with current ZoomGallery version. I can send this module to anybody on e-mail.

UPDATE: Zoom Gallery Slideshow Module is rewrited and available for download !