Weebly vs Blogger vs WordPress

serveimageWeebly is what Google’s blogger.com platform’s users were dreaming of all years since blogger was bought by Google in 2003 – thousands of high pro templates, no coding, extremely flexible site building tools in completely drag-and-drop environment. Can one dream of more?? Continue reading “Weebly vs Blogger vs WordPress”

Privacy in Digital Era – I have nothing to hide?

serveimageOne way or another, later or sooner , but many of those who regularly and actively surf the Internet and are using numerous online services – bank accounts, trips and tickets agencies, governmental portals for filling forms or applying for documents, finally face one common problem – passwords are forgotten at best and at worst – you just not sure if somebody have it by reading contents of your old laptop which was lost , stolen or just stupidly dumped without first cleaning the hard drive. Continue reading “Privacy in Digital Era – I have nothing to hide?”

Windows 10. What really is this animal?

auiaSneaky Microsoft plan to offer Windows 10 as free upgrade from Windows 7 worked on me, well.. it didn’t quite work on me – by that time I already converted myself to Linux, but was running virtual Windows boxes just in case of using some weird software I liked and couldn’t find Linux equivalent.

For the sake of clean scientific experiment I installed Windows 7 on one of my laptops and then immediately upgraded it to windows 10 using constructed Windows 10 ISO.  Continue reading “Windows 10. What really is this animal?”

Website 2016 vs Website 2005

fall-web-design-trendsWebsite’s pages in early 2000s where designed to be as light as possible (in terms of Mbytes and Kbytes) due to lower bandwidth available to many  users with some of them still using dial-up modems.

In 2016 average  site’s page grew up to 5-10 Mb with some sites consuming up to 30-40-MB of your traffic – yes, i know one of those monster pages and it is just blog and what is amazing this blog has significant audience. So, size (in web design) doesn’t matter any more. Continue reading “Website 2016 vs Website 2005”

Disconnect: Google is currently unavailable in Disconnect Search.

DisconnectDisconnect.me – provider of private search silently stopped providing Google search results a couple of days ago. Disconnect.me search is the default search provider for Tor Browser since 2015. With Disconnect search you could privately search Internet choosing Google – Bing – Yahoo – DuckDuckGo results. Now Disconnect gives me only Bing. One of the things I miss from google searches is an ability to choose results based on date posted.

Thoughts On Blogging Fresh Original and Regular Content

If you want to increase your blog’s audience, whether you are making money online or just want more readers, you might already know from numerous blogger tips spread over the net that there are some golden rules. You also might know already that there are two different visitor flows. One is formed by visitors coming from search engines and another one is formed by those who follow external links to your site. Sure there is third one, loyal readers – those who return, and mainly dependant on first two flows, so I will not discuss it here. Both, search engine and external links visitors flows highly depend on three holly cows of web publishing (or blogging) – Freshness of content, Original content, and Regular posting. Continue reading “Thoughts On Blogging Fresh Original and Regular Content”