Dog Shit Research

“No lengthy, philosophical examination of dog shit would be complete without first pondering more existential questions like why dogs shit, and how. The answers may surprise and delight you. There are many interlocking components to the dog shit process. Food eaten by a dog (cupcakes, floppy disks, corn dogs, Vicodin) must first be processed into simpler, smaller elements suitable for delivery via the bloodstream to muscle and fatty tissue in the canine’s body.” Read full in-depth research of dog shit at

Coding Adsense Widget

Coding Widgets is very simple. I already showed how to Widgetize third party plugin by simply inserting code into functions.php file. Here I decided to present an example of Adsense Widget coding. This time the Widget will be standalone.

Reviewing Long Awaited WordPress feature: Widgets

Long awaited feature which I missed since my move to WordPress from Joomla now materialized. I’m talking about Widgets. The comfort of moving around, positioning and enabling/disabling items on your sidebar(s) through admin side is the most useful feature of any good CMS. And I was sure that it is just a matter of time for this feature implementation in WordPress.

I expected this in WordPress as a core functionality feature, but it came as a plugin. Good news is that “If adoption goes well, we’ll consider rolling it into the next version of WordPress.” Let’s look closer at widgets.

A Short Guide to Comparative Religions

Taoism                                 Shit happens.
Buddhism                           If shit happens, it’s not really shit.
Islam                                     If shit happens, it’s the will of Allah.
Protestantism                  Shit happens because you don’t work hard enough.
Judaism                              Why does this shit always happen to us?
Hinduism                           This shit happened before.
Catholicism                       Shit happens because you’re bad.
Hare Krishna                   Shit happens rama rama.
T.V. Evangelism             Send more shit.
Atheism                              No shit.
Jehova’s Witness            Knock knock, shit happens.
Hedonism                           There’s nothing like a good shit happening.
Christian Science           Shit happens in your mind.
Agnosticism                      Maybe shit happens, maybe it doesn’t.
Existentialism                What is shit anyway?
Stoicism                              This shit doesn’t bother me.
Rastafarianism              Let’s smoke this shit.

Tip: How do I put the shoutbox on my site as a page?

How to implement shoutbox as a WordPress page? (Due to spam I removed shoutbox from my frontpage, temporarily, I hope) Generally you should do two things. First: Make page template for shoutbox and create page (through wordpress admin side). Second: Make some tuning for shoutbox css file.

Playing with bbPress Forum

What is bbPress? If you are experienced WordPress user then you most likely know what bbPress is. For newbie, as bbPress developers’ state: “bbPress shares developers and architecture with the well-known WordPress blogging software and the genesis of the project was in WordPress’ support forums which are a good example of a full implementation of bbPress. bbPress is focused on web standards, ease of use, ease of integration, and speed”. So It’s designed to be small and efficient and with built-in tagging support.

And what bbPress is not: “Most software in this space is focused on features like avatars or file attachment and if that’s what you’re interested in, bbPress probably isn’t for you. We’re focused on keeping things as small and light as possible for the explicit purpose of creating a community around support.”

RSGallery2 Dynamic Slideshow Module

Dynamic Slideshow module for RSGallery2 (gallery component for Joomla) is available now. Javascript engine is the same as in slideshow module release for Zoom Gallery. Engine is cross-browser compatible. The cool fading effect works in IE, NS6+/ Firefox, and Safari 2, while all other browsers such as Opera 8 will simply skip the effect but continue to display the images.

Lazyest Gallery Thumbs SlideShow PlugIn

Lazyest SlideShow Function is now available as a WordPress PlugIn. Presenting this function as a plugin has many advantages. The most obvious one is that more people may use it – no need for copy/paste and no accidental mess up with Lazyest Gallery core file. And it is easier to maintain the code, as well.

Lazyest Thumbs SLideshow plugin rotates random image thumbs from Lazyest Gallery with fading effect. Driven by JavaScript engine. Fully customizable through admin panel: number of random images, ability to choose Portrait, Landscape or both image types to show, loops to run, fading delay, CSS styles and other settings are specified through admin page.

Validating Page with Javascript Code Inside

For those who insert javascript code in pages and want to validate as XHTML: With HTML pages on the web you can just include the required Javascript between and tags. When you validate the HTML on your web page the Javascript content is considered to be CDATA (character data) that is therefore ignored by the validator. The same is not true if you follow the more recent XHTML standards in setting up your web page. With XHTML the code between the script tags is considered to be PCDATA (parsed character data) which is therefore processed by the validator.

SlideShow Module for Zoom Gallery Download

I had rewrited Slideshow module for Zoom Gallery (popular gallery component for Joomla/Mambo). This release’s coding is based on official module (version:2b234) For Zoom Gallery V2.5rc1 by Per Lasse Baasch. This is beta release. Slideshow engine is more robust and cross-browser compatible than in previous releases of Slideshow module. The cool fading effect works in IE, NS6+/ Firefox, and Safari 2, while all other browsers such as Opera 8 will simply skip the effect but continue to display the images.

Slideshow pauses OnMouseOver event. Images are linkable with ability to choose between PopUp Zoom Slideshow in bigger window or Zoom category view mode. Actually, this module has all major features of official module by Per Lasse Baasch, but dynamically rotates images with fading effect!