Web Publishing – Tips on Creating Content

content is kingContent rules in publishing. Hard working content creators will get their audience. And if you are going to create content -publish for making some money on ads then do not start with choosing your niche on how much money particular adsense word would generate. This is a mistake. Continue reading “Web Publishing – Tips on Creating Content”

Website Page Size Still Matters. At least for Pros

CHUN9PAUYAA3I9uPreviously I noted that these days size of the web page doesn’t matter any more in terms of paying attention to users with low speed or limited internet access. Yes , it’s true, accessing your monster website page is not a problem for most users but speed will be noticeable. Not only speed of average connection to Internet went up. Went up the speed with which   you check your favorites for news. Increase in delay for one  or even a half of a  second will be enough to skip your site next time. This is from user side but there is also additional costs for website owner – websites these days contain tens of thousands of pictures and other media, and though data storage prices drop, traffic still matters. Continue reading “Website Page Size Still Matters. At least for Pros”

Weebly vs Blogger vs WordPress

serveimageWeebly is what Google’s blogger.com platform’s users were dreaming of all years since blogger was bought by Google in 2003 – thousands of high pro templates, no coding, extremely flexible site building tools in completely drag-and-drop environment. Can one dream of more?? Continue reading “Weebly vs Blogger vs WordPress”

Website 2016 vs Website 2005

fall-web-design-trendsWebsite’s pages in early 2000s where designed to be as light as possible (in terms of Mbytes and Kbytes) due to lower bandwidth available to many  users with some of them still using dial-up modems.

In 2016 average  site’s page grew up to 5-10 Mb with some sites consuming up to 30-40-MB of your traffic – yes, i know one of those monster pages and it is just blog and what is amazing this blog has significant audience. So, size (in web design) doesn’t matter any more. Continue reading “Website 2016 vs Website 2005”

Thoughts On Blogging Fresh Original and Regular Content

If you want to increase your blog’s audience, whether you are making money online or just want more readers, you might already know from numerous blogger tips spread over the net that there are some golden rules. You also might know already that there are two different visitor flows. One is formed by visitors coming from search engines and another one is formed by those who follow external links to your site. Sure there is third one, loyal readers – those who return, and mainly dependant on first two flows, so I will not discuss it here. Both, search engine and external links visitors flows highly depend on three holly cows of web publishing (or blogging) – Freshness of content, Original content, and Regular posting. Continue reading “Thoughts On Blogging Fresh Original and Regular Content”

The Internet added 4.4 million new hostnames during July

TG Daily:

The Internet added 4.4 million new hostnames during July – the single largest gain of new sites in a single month, according to Internet services firm Netcraft. The growth surpassed the previous records set in June of this year, which saw a 3.96 million site gain.

The main reason for the quick growth, Netcraft said, is the battle between Microsoft and Google to attract users to their blog services. Both firms contributed significantly to drive the Internet to a new record number of websites, which now stands at 92,615,362 websites. According to the firm, Microsoft added about 858,000 new sites, while Google gained about 568,000 during the month.

Small Initiatives jokes, “And I’ll bet 80 percent of them contain one ‘Hello, World!’ post apiece.” Continue reading “The Internet added 4.4 million new hostnames during July”