The root of www.mamboat.com is the personal blog including my thoughts and opinions on blogging, web publishing experiences, WordPress issues. Some plugins may appear during my blogging. Joomla/Mambo users may also get something here.

Why Mamboat? Well, when I was thinking about registering my own domain a year ago, I planned that I will publish some Mambo CMS (now Joomla) workings, so good idea would be to get Mambo keyword into site name. Later, as it happens to us humans, my preference shifted to WordPress, but I decided to go with Mamboat domain name. BTW, Mambo in Swahili language (spoken by East Africa -Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar) means “Hello” and “You are Welcome”. So Mamboat may be interpreted as Mambo at .com. – or Welcome at .com.

Actually, these days having keyword in your domain name is both almost impossible (all words are already used) and almost useless (sure this helps a bit, but for Google only content matters).

If you have Questions about this site please send a message.

Tash Bolta.


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