Installing Canon PIXMA IP1600 printer in Windows 7,8,10

Canon Pixma IP1600If you have problem installing Canon Inkjet PIXMA IP1600 printer in Windows, then you are not alone. The problem is that if your Windows  (I had this problem with Windows 7) for some reason is not installing drivers automatically and installation disk for that printer is lost then your only choice is to go to Canon support page. But there you will find that Canon offer only Windows XP driver for that printer for download. Here is a link to official Canon downloads page of Pixma IP1600  printer.

The trick is that Windows XP drivers for that printer work in Windows 7. Don’t be misguided by the fact that the drop down list for systems have all existing on this Earth Operating Systems. Reality is – they have downloadable driver under Drivers tab only for Windows XP.

Also don’t be misguided by driver add-ons offered for many systems:

“Canon Inkjet Printer Driver Add-On Module”

It is not a driver !! It is just Add-on. And it is offered not under Drivers tab

Download 64 or 32 bit driver (under Drivers tab and Windows XP chosen as system) for Windows XP and install it on your Windows 7. If your system is Windows 7 64bit then installer will say that driver is not signed – force it to install. You may need to run installer as Administrator in that case.

If you have problem with this printer in windows 8, I guess  same XP drivers should work.

In windows 10 driver is installed automatically by windows and right after you plug it to USB port of your PC  and if not, then you should manually initiate drivers search and install – go to devices and choose update driver for that printer. In my case it was exactly like this – drivers not installed after connecting printer to USB port and then success through update driver procedure in devices.

This is old printer but ink is still available in stores and it can be still useful for occasional document printing.

All procedures described here are actually used for installing driver for Pixma IP1600 in Windows 7 32bit  and 64 bit as well as in Windows 10

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