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content is kingContent rules in publishing. Hard working content creators will get their audience. And if you are going to create content -publish for making some money on ads then do not start with choosing your niche on how much money particular adsense word would generate. This is a mistake. Internet is full of “top adsense words lists” in terms how much money they generate. The truth is  that for those high paying adsense words target audience is much smaller than audience of low payable adsense words. So at the end you get less audience and less clicks with high price adsense words and more audience and more clicks with low price adsense words. And thus in both cases you get same revenue (given all other technical things are same in both cases).

What really matters in publishing is  your passion in subject and your consistency in creating content.

Content is king 2

You should develop a “journalist syndrome” – it is my term and it means addiction to act of writing. But consistence of writing content is not enough. Consistency of creating content (writing) should come together with quality of content. Quality of content may sound very scarily but it is all about just reflecting everything related to your publishing subject – news, other people’s opinions, inventions and developments, experiences. Just stick to these. This is how any web publishing site works. Good examples are CNET and PCworld. They do news, reviews, developments, experiences, etc.. Same strategy applies to any imaginable topic.

If you use information from other sources, then double check it. You would not want not relevant content on your pages. And you would not want wrong information in your content.

Don’t be very concerned about what template to use for your blog or site. Start writing and creating content  – ideas about what to change in the appearance will come later with your progress in filling site with content.

You probably will find many articles stating that most important thing in publishing is providing original content. They go even further and state that quality of the content is directly connected to it’s originality  and uniqueness.  This is not quite true. Good example of this case is Lxer.com – site on Linux and Open Software news. This site don’t have any original content – all they do just publish articles excerpts from other Linux and Software sites with links to original posts. Yet this site is very handy in keeping you in touch with what is published recently on all these websites. In case of Lxer.com quality of content is directly connected to it’s freshness in terms of how new it is and not to its uniqueness. So in case of news website, quality of the content is in it’s freshness.

So, when filling your site or blog with content don’t hesitate to post excerpts from other websites articles. If it is relevant to your topic you should do it – provide your readers with news from other web publishers or corporate news on your topic. Short excerpts with a link to original article will not become a copyright infringement case.

Summarizing my thoughts,

  • Consistency in creating content is the most important thing in web publishing – if you publish regularly and for a long time you will be noticed and will get your crowd of readers no matter what subject
  • Quality of content – good language, interesting and fresh content. If content is original then it should be helpful to readers or very interesting to read, share with people what you learn, tips. Give them news from around the world on your topic.
  • “Original content” is not right term- don’t be misguided by this term used by many people talking about web publishing  – you can publish what you find on Internet and share your findings with your readers by providing links and excerpts – in that case your content will not have much of uniqueness but it will be very useful to readers in that they will see your website as a window to the topic they are interested in and you talking about.

Happy contenting!

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