Windows 10 Ugliness in All its Evil Glory

serveimage (1)May be I’m alone in my feeling , but every time I open Windows 10 – on someones laptop or in virtual box I see it’s ugliness and I say to myself “OMG”. May be because I can compare it to others?  To windows 7, Gnome 3.20 desktop on top of Linux, Chrome OS.

The window elements of Windows 10 desktop are ugly – square and big. With no revolutionary changes inside – you get same Windows XP architecture again and again, just polished and updated here and there. And after 15 years of doing this you feel like you need to hide your old underwear, washed and ironed many times. So that is what they did in Windows 10. They hided Control Panel. No way you will find it without specifically searching for it using windows search tool – cortana. You might think that if you open settings window – which is just 1-2 clicks away, you may find control panel? No. But funny thing is that it is still in Windows, old good control panel with all same components.

Windows 10 is like dead body in a coffin after washing, embalming to preserve it and look nice. Old ugly and  rotting parts are hidden under bright new shiny clothes which hide old guy.

But it wasn’t enough for Microsoft. Embalming specialists from Microsoft managed to stuff old body with all kinds of surveillance equipment and services which you can not turn off or can’t do it easily. Updates will be served no matter what. Telemetry and data about usage of their system will be sent  silently.

Windows 10 is slow. It just feels slow.  First thing I do when i install any windows I go to services and analyze what services are active and running and turn off and disable those without which system can work for me and work faster, because tuning them off frees CPU resources.

When i opened Windows 10 services applet, I said “OMG”. Windows 10 have twice more services running than Windows 7. Most of those extra services introduced  have very confusing and foggy descriptions not clearing you a bit of what they supposed to do. Most of these extra services take system resources. The truth is that Windows 7 is working just fine and does everything you need from Operating System with just a tiny fraction of all services you will find in Windows 10.

You all know very well how frustrating Windows updating service is. When it downloads and installs updates it slows down your PC. Then it advises you to reboot and after that you wait for desktop to arrive for long 5-10 minutes. At least it shows you a progress message on blue screen with percentage left to do. In Windows 10 Microsoft decided to hide this problem by not showing you anything at all! You just see that PC is booting very long  and you are left to wonder why and guess. But frustration is even deeper than it was in Windows 7 – if you don’t know what is going on you are obviously less comfortable than if you would knew what you waiting for.

When Windows Vista was released I tried it and went back to Windows XP. When Windows 10 arrived I tried it and went back to Windows 7. I keep Windows 10 as a virtual box just for scientific purposes to know this ugliness better and help other people who have to use it.

And last advice for Windows lovers – never ever buy any Windows PC or laptop with Celeron CPU. Windows was, is and will be very hungry for CPU and memory resources.





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