Website Page Size Still Matters. At least for Pros

CHUN9PAUYAA3I9uPreviously I noted that these days size of the web page doesn’t matter any more in terms of paying attention to users with low speed or limited internet access. Yes , it’s true, accessing your monster website page is not a problem for most users but speed will be noticeable. Not only speed of average connection to Internet went up. Went up the speed with which   you check your favorites for news. Increase in delay for one  or even a half of a  second will be enough to skip your site next time. This is from user side but there is also additional costs for website owner – websites these days contain tens of thousands of pictures and other media, and though data storage prices drop, traffic still matters.

There is a good research on this subject by  Tammy Everts . She writes :

” As of May 2015, the average web page surpassed the 2 MB mark. This is almost twice the size of the average page just three years ago.

page-bloat-May15This entire graph is put into insane perspective when you consider that back in 1995, the average page was 14.1 KB. In other words, the average page today is almost 150 times larger than the average page twenty years ago. Images comprise 62% of a page’s total weight.

recently I did my own small research and found that professional websites , especially in tech segment use pictures vary well balanced in quality and size and most of the pictures they use on their web sites do not exceed 200 kb size threshold. This is amazing and very good job.

Big picture file size usually is an indication of its high resolution. The truth is that regular user don’t need high resolution picture of your post in 99 percent of the cases. And main reason for that is limited resolution of his device.  So,  don’t forget to spend a few seconds and transform picture you are uploading for your website into some resolution and size more  suitable for the post.


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