RSGallery2 Dynamic Slideshow Module

Dynamic Slideshow module for RSGallery2 (gallery component for Joomla) is available now. Javascript engine is the same as in slideshow module release for Zoom Gallery. Engine is cross-browser compatible. The cool fading effect works in IE, NS6+/ Firefox, and Safari 2, while all other browsers such as Opera 8 will simply skip the effect but continue to display the images.

Coding for RSGallery2 was a pleasure. RSGallery2 lucks some of zOOm features, but the code logic is much more clear and simple.

As in zOOm slideshow module, this slideshow pauses onMouseOver event. Images are linked. When clicked, they are opened in RSGallery2 page. Through module admin side you may choose to enable/disable this feature. Images for slideshow can be picked by hits, random, rating etc.

Slideshow is centered horizontally and aligned to the top.

This is beta release. Tested and works with RSGallery2 1.10.4, 1.10.6 Alpha and Joomla 1.0.7. The purpose of this release is to get through some real world testing.

Download: RSGallery2 Slideshow Module 1.6b


  • July 20,2006 – v1.6b release. Compatibility release for RSG 1.11.0 and up
  • June 03,2006 – Bugs from v1.4b release fixed
  • May 28,2006 v1.4b – Added support for “Published/Unpublished” categories feature
  • March 25,2006 v1.3b – Bug fixed. ItemId issue again. Hope it will not rise any more.
  • March 22,2006 v1.2b – Added Loops parameter, specifying how many times the slideshow will run before stopping on last image in set. Setting it to 0(zero) makes it non-stop
  • March 14,2006 v1.1b – Bug Fixed – Thanks to Daniel Tulp (RSG Team dev. member) Minor Update: Added Itemid parameter to link correction made by Daniel – thus RSGallery menu item highlighted as active when activated through click on slideshow
  • March 07,2006 v1.0b – Initial Release

Bug report, questions, suggestions are welcome through comments to this post!

13 thoughts on “RSGallery2 Dynamic Slideshow Module”

  1. Firefly, what error message you get?
    I visited your site and did not get any error message when viewing gallery.
    Pls., Copy&Paste it here


    Update: I found possible error. It is ItemId for RSGallery main menu instance, which may cause error.
    I will make correction and post update.

  2. Jarrod Davis: I see. Not sure what causes this. I did not notice anything strange in IE with default Joomla template. Having your template or similar would be helpful. Meanwhile try to re-arrange modules and/or unpublish one by one. It’s markup issue, but from what side?

    I’ll make some changes to the module and post it here in comments.

    UPDATE: try this mod_RSGallery2_slideshow.php. Just put this file in “Modules” folder (backup old one).

  3. Hi,

    I just installed your Slideshow and it’s nice. However, I installed it on a certain menu (which has a submenu) only. But if one clicks on an image, the said menu closes and is not selected anymore.

    Question: Is it possible to check if a menu is selected and leave it open when clicking on an image?

    If you don’t understand what I mean, here is what to do:

    1. Goto
    2. Never mind the german language
    3. Click on “Kunst & Handwerk” at the left. The menu opens and the Slideshow appears.
    4. Click on an image in slideshow. The menu closes and the user (you!) might be confused where he is now. I mean, I would be!

    I left my e-Mail adress. Could you notify me about a response?



  4. Stop! Everything is fine. It works. Problem was, Slideshow takes ItemID for RSGallery from trash too. After deleted stuff in trashmanager everything runs well.

    So, a small bugfix could be to check if an ItemID is trashed beforer using it.



  5. Glad that issue was cleared. ItemId is a big Headache for joomla users. And Trash logic in Joomla is also something which is mysterious for me – is it trashed? or not trashed? And what the hell is “trashed” if its still there?

    as for checking “if trashed” – i will think what can be done with next release. And btw, its not a kind of a bugfix. I would call it “improvement” and it is Joomla’s task to provide modules and components with the right ItemId instance, I think.

  6. Hi,

    thank you for your nice slideshow! Is it possible (if not, maybe in future releases?) to pick a category, from which pictures are taken?

    Best regards,


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