Lazyest Gallery Thumbs SlideShow PlugIn

Lazyest SlideShow Function is now available as a WordPress PlugIn. Presenting this function as a plugin has many advantages. The most obvious one is that more people may use it – no need for copy/paste and no accidental mess up with Lazyest Gallery core file. And it is easier to maintain the code, as well.

Lazyest Thumbs SLideshow plugin rotates random image thumbs from Lazyest Gallery with fading effect. Driven by JavaScript engine. Fully customizable through admin panel: number of random images, ability to choose Portrait, Landscape or both image types to show, loops to run, fading delay, CSS styles and other settings are specified through admin page.

If you are interested in Widgetizing LazyestThumbsSlideshow plugin then read my article Reviewing Long Awaited WordPress Feature: Widgets.

Release Information:

  • Release Version 2.1
  • Package Updated: July 24,2006
  • Compatibility: Lazyest Gallery 0.8.2 – 0.9.5


  • v2.1 Added ‘Number of folders’ parameter. Now you can effectively reduce pics array in case you have many folders.
  • v2.0 Now supports LG cropping feature.
  • v1.9 Code rewrited. Now JavaScript engine is in separate file
  • Supports restricted folders access LG feature (recent 0.9.4 update)
  • v1.8 Added option to choose Landscape or Portrait images for slideshow or fetch both types.
  • Takes specified (set through admin page) number of random images from each folder. If set to 2, than having 3 folders will result in 2*3=6 thumbs array
  • Width and Height are taken from LG settings for thumbnails (added in v1.7)
  • Images are linked. Clicking on image opens LG with this image enlarged.
  • Pause on MouseOver effect. You can turn this on/off through admin page
  • Slideshow Padding and Border Styling through admin page (added in v1.7)
  • Slideshow can stop after specified number of loops – set through admin page. Defaults to Non-Stop (0)

Features of LG which are not supported by this plugin:

– LightBox. Cause: JavaScript conflicting between LightBox and this Slideshow


  1. Download: Lazyest Thumbs SlideShow Plugin
  2. Make sure your LazyestGallery PlugIn is activated and you have Images in your gallery!!!
  3. Copy lazyest-thumbs-slideshow folder (with all its content) into /wp-content/plugins directory
  4. Activate PlugIn
  5. Place function call in your sidebar like this:
  6. Go admin page (under “Plugins” menu) and tune parameters there
  7. You can widgetize plugin by using code provided with Readme.txt file

Important: Before downloading check if current version is compatible with the version of Lazyest Gallery installed on your site!

Download note: Plugin changes are reflected by: Release Version which reflects new features additions and Package Update date which reflects last changes in code related to compatibility, bugfixes and other changes in code.

Update: August,06 2006. Unfortunately, LG home page is down these days. So i decided to provide people with temporary Lazyest Gallery 0.9.5 download from my site

Questions, bugs, feedback etc.. through comments to this post.

18 thoughts on “Lazyest Gallery Thumbs SlideShow PlugIn”

  1. Your rotator shows one image and then the next image doesn’t show. Instead, it shows the name of the image but with a red X.

    Any ideas?

  2. Ok I am picky!
    For an ultra newbee like me, in the next version, that would be nice to have in option, to be able to pick up on the fly the border, the padding. In other words to set up the final output of the thumbnail anyway you want it without having to play with css.

    Thanks for your plugin! It works fine with widget by the way!

  3. Glad to hear that you are happy with plugin. I’ll see what can be done with CSS styling from admin side. Meanwhile just add class .photo a img {….} to themes style.

  4. This plugin is awesome ^^, nice fast and sleaké, I only have one tiny request ^^; is it possible to select the random thumbnails dependant on size, you’ll agree with me that if landscape and potrait photos look funny whilst they are fading. I’m trying to hack that in ^^;

  5. and sorry to double post, but I think I’ve found a bug ^^; or at least something not nice. As the slideshow is finding url’s to put in, it also takes into account directories which have a captions.xml, but don’t actually have any pictures, so you end up with empty slots for parts of the slideshow, the only way I got round it was to surround the

    echo “fadeimages[$m]…etc” (around line 209)


    if (substr($thumbUrl, -1, 1) != “/”) {
    echo “fadeimages[$m]…”

    If you can think of a more tidy way please do ^_^, again great plugin!!

  6. omitshu: size dependant display is interesting feature. I will think.

    also, thanks for noticing bug. Your solution works. Though there is another one. Logically it is better to change all IF code starting with

    if (count($imgfiles) <= 1) {..........} else {.....} to: if (count($imgfiles) != 0) { if (count($imgfiles) == 1) {.....} else {......} } UPDATE: package updated : bug fixed, requested feature added.

  7. Did you check one of the boxes: Portrait or Landscape images to show in admin? if you leave both of them unchecked then no images will be shown.

    if this is not the case then check LG version compatibility. Also, if you downloaded latest package then be aware that it supports protected folders feature of LG 0.9.4 and doesnt fetch images from folder if user level is lower than folder’s

    Update: I see that plugin function did not load. Try to place a call directly , without widget, or double check that you widgetized it correctly.

  8. I will dig from my side and as soon as find something I will post. I like this plugin too, though LG is changing so fast that i thought at one moment that i will drop maintaining it.

    UPDATE: Joe, I updated package. Now all java script code is inside one routine and nothing goes to header section. there wasn’t real need in this, in fact. we do make from time to time things which i would call as a “monkey business”.. forgetting golden rule – if something works – don’t touch it.

    just download package again and let me know results. if nothing again, then its something to do with your installation or theme.

  9. Well, I guess it’s something to do with my installation or theme, Tash. Thanks again for trying–the new package doesn’t work either.

    I switched to the Flickr badge, but I appreciate your efforts!


  10. Daniele: Never tried it with K2 theme. K2 is full of javaScript snippets and there may be some kind of a conflict. I will look more close at this issue

    UPDATE: Checked it with latest K2 theme – it works. Do not see any problems. Make sure you placed LazyestThumbsSlideshow function call in your K2 sidebar!

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