Lazyest Gallery Thumbs SlideShow PlugIn

Lazyest SlideShow Function is now available as a WordPress PlugIn. Presenting this function as a plugin has many advantages. The most obvious one is that more people may use it – no need for copy/paste and no accidental mess up with Lazyest Gallery core file. And it is easier to maintain the code, as well.

Lazyest Thumbs SLideshow plugin rotates random image thumbs from Lazyest Gallery with fading effect. Driven by JavaScript engine. Fully customizable through admin panel: number of random images, ability to choose Portrait, Landscape or both image types to show, loops to run, fading delay, CSS styles and other settings are specified through admin page.

If you are interested in Widgetizing LazyestThumbsSlideshow plugin then read my article Reviewing Long Awaited WordPress Feature: Widgets.

Release Information:

  • Release Version 2.1
  • Package Updated: July 24,2006
  • Compatibility: Lazyest Gallery 0.8.2 – 0.9.5


  • v2.1 Added ‘Number of folders’ parameter. Now you can effectively reduce pics array in case you have many folders.
  • v2.0 Now supports LG cropping feature.
  • v1.9 Code rewrited. Now JavaScript engine is in separate file
  • Supports restricted folders access LG feature (recent 0.9.4 update)
  • v1.8 Added option to choose Landscape or Portrait images for slideshow or fetch both types.
  • Takes specified (set through admin page) number of random images from each folder. If set to 2, than having 3 folders will result in 2*3=6 thumbs array
  • Width and Height are taken from LG settings for thumbnails (added in v1.7)
  • Images are linked. Clicking on image opens LG with this image enlarged.
  • Pause on MouseOver effect. You can turn this on/off through admin page
  • Slideshow Padding and Border Styling through admin page (added in v1.7)
  • Slideshow can stop after specified number of loops – set through admin page. Defaults to Non-Stop (0)

Features of LG which are not supported by this plugin:

– LightBox. Cause: JavaScript conflicting between LightBox and this Slideshow


  1. Download: Lazyest Thumbs SlideShow Plugin
  2. Make sure your LazyestGallery PlugIn is activated and you have Images in your gallery!!!
  3. Copy lazyest-thumbs-slideshow folder (with all its content) into /wp-content/plugins directory
  4. Activate PlugIn
  5. Place function call in your sidebar like this:
  6. Go admin page (under “Plugins” menu) and tune parameters there
  7. You can widgetize plugin by using code provided with Readme.txt file

Important: Before downloading check if current version is compatible with the version of Lazyest Gallery installed on your site!

Download note: Plugin changes are reflected by: Release Version which reflects new features additions and Package Update date which reflects last changes in code related to compatibility, bugfixes and other changes in code.

Update: August,06 2006. Unfortunately, LG home page is down these days. So i decided to provide people with temporary Lazyest Gallery 0.9.5 download from my site

Questions, bugs, feedback etc.. through comments to this post.